Thursday, 24 July 2008

Eagle Eye Preview Clip

Preview clips of Eagle Eye have been released, here they are:

Jerry Shaw (Shia LaBeouf) tries to explain to Morgan (Billy Bob Thornton) he has been set up.

Jump Jerry Shaw!
Yes, Jerry Jump!

Your compliance is vital.


I would not have the guts to jump in free fall from a building like this! Even under the threat of guns... The character played by Shia Labeouf is either courageous or more probably utterly desperate.

Shia LaBeouf runs from the police and then jumps into a woman's car. They are both unwilling puppets of a female terrorist.

What position were they holding the guns?

Tunnel Chase

The pace of this scene the movie Eagle Eye is very fast: if the whole movie is as dynamic it would make the plot of Eagle Eye even more captivating! Thumbs up for the director D.J. Caruso.


Patrick Roberts said...

Surprisingly, Eagle Eye beat the pants off of Quantum of Solace; goes to show ya, you can always depend on Spielberg...

calvierude said...

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